Stage 2 Suspension Upgrade Kit -TTR110

Stage 2 Suspension Upgrade Kit -TTR110

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Rider Weight

This is a great option for most riders, it will completely overhaul your bikes suspension giving you increased travel and stiffness but lacks the adjust ability and valving of our Stage 3 kit

If you're pushing the limits of your 110 and want the best suspension upgrade available then check out our Stage 3 kit.


HD Springs - Designed for adult riders with 2 pre-load spacer options

Extended Damping Rods - +1 Inch fork travel and better oil flow

DNM Rear Shock - Heavy duty rear shock with rebound adjustment and 2 spring rate options:

75-85kg's (300lb, 290mm)

90+kg's (350lb, 290mm)

Motorex 15w oil is included. Each easy fill bottle contains the correct amount for each fork to make installation simple.