Complete Wheelie Pump Upgrade Kit - CRF110

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The complete kit with everything you need to install a wheelie pump upgrade.

For all you guy's pulling mile long wheelies, we've designed this oil pump to save your top ends!

When you pull a wheelie the oil level dips below the pickup port which results in your head starving of oil and becoming dry, not good for the life of your piston.

To fix this issue we have engineered this oil pump housing with a pickup line that sits far enough back in the engine so it will pickup oil no matter what, even on those 12  O'clock fender scraping wheelies.

Installation is very straightforward, each kit includes an installation guide.


Wheelie pump housing, pickup tube & plug.

Magnetic Drain Bolt

1 Litre of Spectro Semi Synthetic Engine Oil

Clutch Cover Gasket

Step by step Installation instructions.